Hello. It's me?

So... who are you?

I've been asking myself that question quite a bit in the past year. Who am I as a wife? Who am I as friend? Who am I as a daughter? Who am I as a coworker?

But not once did I ask, "Who am I for myself?"

But first - the other questions.

Yes, I am married to an extraordinarily patient man (who happens to be the magic behind the lens for most of the photos you'll see on here), and I do, in fact, have a marvelous group of fun, smart and quick-witted friends. I'm sure they will make appearances on here.

Of course, I am the daughter of my parents, who each have their own significant others who have their own set of children, making for one large, irreplaceable family. More on this bunch later.

And, yes. I do have a day job in the public relations / events / earned media field. However, explaining what I do, exactly, will take more time than you or I have attention span. (But if you want to know more, I'm happy to answer you over here.)

So... why start this journal?

It all goes back to the unanswered question: Who am I for myself?

As I've explored my yoga practice, I began to realize that I functioned so much for other people. Not a bad thing, right?


But I do know that when you can't recognize yourself and begin to lose focus on your goals and your truth, you start running into problems.

Fact: you can't love others without loving yourself. With that idea in mind, I began to realize that I couldn't possibly know others if I don't know myself.

Through my practice I have begun to shed layers and rediscover that spark that is uniquely me. The person who is courageous enough to put it all out there. To share her voice in hopes of diving more deeply into herself and, maybe, just maybe help someone along way.

I have no idea what will eventually be shared in this space. I do know that it won't all be serious. It won't all be perfect. But it will be real. And it will be me. And I so look forward to the journey.