THE Pose

Pincha Mayurasana. Forearm stand. Whatever you call it, I struggle with it. I've created this story that because I can only do it about 13% of the time that I'm not good at yoga (whatever that means). That I shouldn't be a teacher (calm it down).  

Fundamentally, I get it. I know I need to round into my upper back, lift out of it, engage the core and bring my hips further over my shoulders. I could teach you this no problem. But it just doesn't click. 

Photo by Andrew Feller

Photo by Andrew Feller

Am I afraid of falling? Probably. But I know I have a flexible spine to handle the tumble forward. I'm afraid of being hurt. Again. Of slowing the progression of my practice. 

But I know that there is no end goal. And if I get hurt, I'll recover. I've done it before. 

In this situation, I would tell my students to be kind. To be patient. Smile. It's just yoga. It'll come with practice. Don't rush. 

Every time I come to my mat, I practice this pose. Rarely ever find balance. Maybe I do with a wall sometimes. But I don't even like using walls. And I don't practice #yogaeverydamnday, so .I don't forearm stand every damn day either. 

But if I did practice this every day, I'd drive myself crazy. I also can't handstand every time I try. I can't do king dancer (yet). I can't do full splits (yet). But this doesn't bother me. 

But forearm stand does. There's something more going on here. It's not the pose. It's more. And I know that. I need to be patient. 

I'm putting this out there not because I'm fishing for encouragement. It'll happen. Or it won't. But I'm telling you this to share in this experience. Because we've all been there, struggling with something much more than THE Pose. And we all know it'll be okay.