Love, Me.

These past few weeks have been trying. I've felt exhausted and just plain done at times. And it wasn't the road blocks that I anticipated that caused the exhaustion. It was all those little speed bumps that resulted in my desire to pull my proverbial car to the side of the road.

But this entry isn't for me to reflect on those moments (but maybe later). On the other hand, I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to all the beautiful souls around me and give you a little challenge.

Andrew and I went to dinner with friends, and C, a childcare supervisor, told us that she challenged her kids to give compliments AND receive them. Near the end of the night, she prompted us grown people to do the same, and it got me thinking...

How often do we keep our positive thoughts about others to ourselves because it would feel awkward?

Wow. She has a beautiful smile. But she'd totally think I'm weird if I say something.

And how often do we brush off kind words and become self-deprecating?

Oh, thanks. But my teeth are totally crooked, and my eyes get all squint-y. But thanks!

In celebration of Valentine's Day, I encourage you to share those kind words you've been holding in with at least one person. You never know - as I didn't - just how much those words will mean to someone. And I promise - when you give a compliment - the warm fuzzies will abound.

Don't let a preconceived idea of who you are or a fear of how others will react stop you. I'm not saying I've nailed this compliment thing. I haven't. I'm working on it, and it's challenging me every day to continue down the path of openness - both with sharing myself and welcoming others in.

Through this compliment challenge I've found so many gracious, warm people and my tribe has expanded. New and old souls opened their hearts to me, and I to them.

I've been overwhelmed with the kindness and receptiveness surrounding me. From my family to my bestest friends to those who I've recently met. There is so much good in and around us. So. Much. Good.

With that, here is my compliment just for you. Take it in. Know it is true. Live its truth.

You are an amazing creation. Your possibilities know no bounds. You are loved. You are love.