One Day or Today

I like to surround myself with vibrant, talented artist types (if you’re reading this, and you know that’s you, hello :-) ). I keep this company, both personally and professionally, because I’ve carried this belief that I didn’t have the chops to do anything but organize people and manage projects.

This past month, I executed what I do best: creating experiences for others to…well…experience. Through this program, I found myself surrounded by a whole new set of artists, all of whom are wildly, brilliantly talented and are truly kind, grateful souls. As the program was being built, many, myself included, commented on how wild it is that this is their life. They take photos and travel and get paid for it (sometimes). 

As I spent time with this bunch, it finally washed over me. These five just decided to do it. However “it” came about. Whether it was one project at a time or with an “all-in” approach, they went for it.

There is no prescribed method on how to make my – and your – dreams come to life. I’ve been saying that "one day" I’ll do it. That’ll get there.

Now I know. I’m doing it. I’ve been doing it all along.

Do I think that what I’m doing today is what I should be doing forever? Probably not. I know to my very core that I’m meant to teach and to nourish and to share. Right now, the path leading me towards this is clearly labeled “Yoga." And I'm all in.

The organizer, fixer, manager and producer me will never go away. I’m great at that gig, and I’ve learned countless lessons from it. I know that my skills in this space are applicable to anything and everything that I dream of doing.

With just over two weeks left before I travel to Costa Rica for my teacher training, I’m confident in how I'm traveling down my path. There is no right or wrong direction. It is all simply a part of my journey. And I'm well on my way.