Finding Balance

So here I am, friends - in Costa Rica! I'm alive and well, surrounded by vibrant, fun people and submersing myself in all things yoga. I cannot wait to bring back all of this delicious knowledge to my community. Well maybe I can a bit... it's kind of perfect here.

One of the most interesting transitions into teacher training and life in Costa Rica has been the opportunity to find balance for myself. In my typical day-to-day, everything and everyone else came first, from my job to helping my husband’s business to getting the chores done, paying the bills – the list could go on.

While most of my day is occupied with teacher training, it’s been the in between moments where I’ve witnessed the most notable changes. I’m taking the time to listen to my body – and not applying a layer of shame when I need a nap or an extra bite of food. I’ve noticed that when I do arrive into a space where I need to show up, I’m fully there. And I’m able to accomplish my “must dos” more thoroughly and without exhaustion.

I’ve also found that the things I need to find balance aren’t excessive. A quick snack or a 20-minute nap, for example, does wonders. At home, a snack would turn into a meal and 20 minutes into an hour, and I rarely felt satisfied.

I’ve been able to slowly shed the notion that I have to follow a prescribed path to find this balance. No two people are the same. Their needs and wants and process certainly are not the same either. And no one is going to be able to tell you what you need. It’s your responsibility to find balance for yourself first and foremost. Everything and everyone else will fall into place.