Lessons Living Pura Vida

It's been just over three weeks since I landed back in the states from living in Costa Rica and doing all yoga all the time. I've been meaning to write this post much sooner than now, but life was a whirlwind when I got back. I had three days home before traveling to Omaha for a week, and when I got back from that, I hit the ground running so I could start teaching. No rest for this girl (okay... there may have been a few naps tucked in there).

Now that I'm feeling a satisfactory balance of settled and forward movement, I'm so eager to reflect on and share with you what I learned during teacher training. (Aside from all that bomb High Energy Fusion Yoga knowledge, that is. But you'll have to come to my class to experience those goodies.)

You are capable of anything.

Yup. Really, truly.

All those excuses started bubbling up, didn't they?

The fact is that we are capable of doing anything we please. It's just a matter of how much hustle you want to put behind it.

One of my favorite parts of learning alongside my talented yoga friends was having the opportunity to watch them practice. A backbend easily achieved in one body took more effort in another. But guess what? We all could backbend.

Sure, it can be instantly gratifying to be naturally gifted. But if it doesn't come easy, it doesn't mean that you can't achieve the same thing. You may just have to put some more time into getting there.

Get over yourself.

Looking silly. Making mistakes. Not being good enough. Tall enough. Smart enough. Strong enough...

Get over it. You are spending too much time on unnecessary worry and excuses.

You can only help people if they want to be helped.

This was my bombshell of an epiphany during my training. Although I'm a fixer, I was shocked to learn that most people don't want to be fixed.

There is a fine line between helping someone and enabling them. To help is to provide support and guidance. To enable is to take away a student's opportunity to learn, grow and achieve on their own. 

To realize that I was actually doing more harm than good when I would help people was hard. It hurt. It took me back. I had to reevaluate.

I love to teach, mentor and nurture, and all of the facets of my life reflect this. But I now fully realize that I'm only here to give the tools. What my student does with them is in her control. 90% of the effort of achieving has to come from her.

And if I've done all that I could (responsibly) do and it doesn't work out? See below for the next lesson.

Let it go.

One of my favorite memes floating around says, "If you have to force it, leave it: relationships, friendships, yoga poses, perfect ponytails. Let that shit go."

As the silly meme implies, I had to learn to let poses go. Really truly, what does it matter if you nail a pose? I certainly haven't attained enlightenment because I finally got into full lotus. 

And when you practice all day, every day, you learn to let go very quickly. Then I started witnessing my attitude change towards other pieces of my life: relationships, tasks, aspirations - the list could go on.

I've started to think of my life as one big closet. I only have so much space to store things. And what's the easiest way to make room for new, shiny, cool stuff? Cleaning out the closet and letting the old, bulky, tired pieces go.

Go for it.

There is no one who and nothing that can stop you from achieving your dreams except for yourself. And to manifest your goals, you have to give it all that you've got. The good days are always easy, but you have to be there for yourself just as much - if not more - on the bad days too.

You have to put in the work and always be moving toward the next iteration of your dream. If your opportunity knocked on your front door today, would you be ready?

And if you're feeling like things aren't shaking out how you planned? Scroll back up to lesson one.

As always, thank you for taking the time to share in my thoughts. If you're curious about my fellow HEFY comrades' experience, check out Victoria Arvizu's blog and Coach Tara J's website. Namaste, my friend!