365 days, 10 lessons

Exactly one year ago today I taught my graduating class for my RYT-200 with High Energy Fusion Yoga. I officially became a yoga teacher! And in a few days I'm heading back to Costa Rica to continue my training. Time flies, my friends.

I’m a reliable person, so I have relentlessly seen many projects to fruition and dedicated many hours of my life to getting it just right. But I never had something that I was passionate about. That I would be willing to risk criticism and skepticism over. But one year ago (plus 21 days), I stepped onto a plane to meet three women who I barely knew to continue on a journey that I never imagined would be mine.

I love anniversaries. I love those markers on a calendar that beg for a bit of reflection and dreaming. As I’m packing my bags for this year’s training, I can’t help but think back to who I was 386 days ago. I was nervous. Anxious. Tense. Uncertain. I had little confidence in who I was or my abilities. 

This time? I’m still a bit nervous; anxiety is just a part of the game for me. But I’m starting to see my abilities. I’m starting to feel and project what’s always been there. A passionate, charismatic woman who has a great ability to help others see, recognize and embody that “something" inside of them. 

So what has 200 hours of training and nearly 200 hours of teaching shown me? Following the 10 point list style of my dear friend, Coach Tara J, here are (just) 10 lessons that the past 365 days revealed to me:

  1. That person you want to be. That person is already there.
  2. Whether it's for six or sixty people, when you show up, SHOW. UP.
  3. You matter. Your thoughts, your actions, your words. So choose them wisely.
  4. Left vs right is hard. Mirroring left and right is harder.
  5. You will teach awesome classes and do awesome things. And some days are less awesome. Be humble and recognize the lessons that are a part of every experience.
  6. With great privilege come great responsibility. Honor the space of the yogis in the room; don’t consume it.
  7. Love this body. It’s your only one. It deserves all of your affection.
  8. Acknowledge the people who unequivocally love and support you. Keep them close. You know who they are. 
  9. That voice. That one inside of you. You know the one. It warmly encourages you, it cautiously advises you. Listen to it.
  10. Learn from the mistakes and count the blessings. At the end of the day, you are okay.

I won’t even pretend to know what the next 365 – let alone next 30 – days will bring. I can only imagine that this is just the beginning.