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Lauren Marie Yoga // E-RYT 200 // YACEP

Lauren Marie Yoga // E-RYT 200 // YACEP

I first unrolled my mat next to my mom as she played her yoga VHS tapes. As a fidgety high school student, focus was difficult but the movement and strength in each pose fascinated me. Over the years, I came in and out of a regular practice but always found my way back into the studio. After a car accident in 2015, my mat became a place where I could patiently reconnect with my body and mind.

After taking a workshop hosted by Victoria Arvizu, I was immediately inspired by her joy, vibrancy and compassion. So, with anxious curiosity, I traveled to Costa Rica one year later to earn my RYT-200 with High Energy Fusion Yoga®. Seeing the progress of my students and falling in love with the method, I have since earned my E-RYT 200 and YACEP and am continuing my education to obtain my RYT-500 under High Energy Fusion Yoga.

With my background in mobility sequencing, thoughtful structuring and the dynamic blending of yoga’s many forms, my classes are designed to keep you moving, breathing and achieving. On the mat I push away from perfection and, instead, embrace the wobbles and tumbles. I’ve come to learn that it’s in these moments of imperfection where you will uncover strength, kindness and, of course, a bit of laughter.

That said, there’s nothing I love more than a challenge, whether it’s with a tricky arm balance or in the work of finding stillness in meditation (not easy for a busy body like me!). In my classes, you’ll be invited into a safe, creative atmosphere, complete with vibrant music and the support of your fellow yogis. Whether you’re seeking a powerful vinyasa flow or a yin practice, you’ll find challenge, compassion and humor, giving you the playground to discover your limitless potential.