Guiding you to find strength and playfulness on and off the mat, empowering you to connect with your limitless potential.
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I believe in you.

And in your limitless ability to discover, evolve and play.

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The Yoga Room

My home studio, where we make yoga approachable, affordable and fun. Join me!



Where tradition meets innovation. And where I found my tribe. Learn more about our workshops, retreats and 200 and 300 hour trainings.


Weekly Classes

With a background in High Energy Fusion Yoga, my classes are designed to keep you moving, breathing and achieving. Through thoughtful structuring and attainable challenges, you will strengthen your practice, discover playfulness in poses and see things from a new, upside-down perspective. You will also find moments of meditation and breathing, striking a meaningful balance between strength, movement and mindfulness.

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Immerse yourself in advanced technique, new approaches and refined methodology as you dive more deeply into movement. All of my workshops are built on the foundation of freedom and playful discovery, empowering you to connect with your limitless potential.



Whether in your own backyard or paired next to stunning international backdrops, yoga retreats are an excellent way to peel away from the everyday and carve out time to reconnect with your practice, your community and your self.